Conduct unbiased and timely research on residential, commercial, and rural real estate issues in the Omaha Metropolitan Area, throughout Nebraska, and in the Upper Great Plain States.
Our specialty is integrating real estate transaction data with Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies to analyze real estate from a spatial perspective.

Available Research Reports
  • NEW!!!(2000-2014 Omaha Housing Price Appreciation)
  • Economic Values of Niobrara Recreational Floating
  • Douglas County Housing Mortgage Defaults & Foreclosures (2000-2008)
  • Water Resources & Housing Values (floodplains, lake-views, LID's )
  • Short Sale Discounts in Omaha

      Soon to be Released Reports

    * Factors Influencing the Frequency and Success of Tax Protests * Floodplain Property Values and Flood Control Projects in Omaha * New Approaches in Using the Cost Approach